Jasmine Photography - Ian Pye

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Jasmine Photography captures and presents the scenes that Ian Pye has been lucky enough to witness along his travels in Australia and South East Asia.

Ian has a diverse and interesting span of experiences and careers ranging from Jackaroo, Environmental Manager and Educator, National Parks Ranger, Industrial Environmental Officer, Programmer and Software Developer, and Project and Program Manager and consultant. That diversity has delivered him exposure to fascinating and beautiful people and landscapes across the world.

Ian grew up in Sydney and in Minnesota, USA, travelling the world with his family. Ian's father was an excellent photographer and had an eye for the unusual and eye-catching scenes, landscapes and moments in time. Ian, taking on his father's artistic merits, has built a repertoire of images that could not be left unseen.

This portrait was taken by Tang Moo , while Ian was visiting family in Bung Pu, Samutprakarn, Bangkok. He was 15 years old when it was taken. He appears in one of the Portrait images at the age of 8.

The Art, The Photography, and Ian

Ian likes to capture natural vistas and people in their local communities and the natural environment itself. He is particularly drawn to bright, vivid reds, gold and yellow hues or likes to take the colour away and completely focus on the textures and light variations of the scene and moment.

Not just focusing on the whole scene, but finds abstract windows that, in themselves present whole new stories of pattern, colour, shades and textures. You can find this in his Thailand Sun collection.

Ian is on the upward learning curve of both impressive, quality photography and the presentation of photography through quality printing and framing.